Best Way to Reuse Course Assets

Oct 25, 2018

Over the years, we have developed a large amount of courses and now have an inventory of screens, nav/menu selections, graphic elements, KCs, variables/triggers etc. Each of the inventory groupings, e.g., Menu, Graphics, etc are scenes within a "working course." When a new course begins, we would copy a scene from the "working course"into the new course,let's say we are designing graphics,  use what we need, delete that scene from the new course and import the KC scene when we do the KCs etc. Is there a better way of reusing your assets? Closing out, saving, re-opening etc takes too long.

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Dave Goodman

PS - we already make use of templates. I am really looking for the best practice and procedures for reusing assets that do not make the file size too large, reduces potential asset loss in the process of moving files, and the time requirements for saving and re-opening the course. The template approach has always worked OK - I am really "re-examinating" our processes to be certain we are being efficient. Thanks.

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