Blank Slide on Quiz Review

Hi Everyone,

I've recently created a quiz in Storyline with the option of reviewing this quiz. After 3 retries, during the review the correct answers only show a blank slide (only showing the master style backing but no content), with the correct banner running along the bottom.

I'm unsure what is causing this, could anyone help?


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lilian soon

Hi Thomas, had a quick look at your Storyline file. I think what's happening is that there is a conflict with the randomisation. In Button 1 of  your results slide, you are sending the user back to slide 4.1, but if Storyline is choosing to show 5.1 because of the randomisation, then it will just skip. I noticed on one attempt that it went straight to slide 2/10, then 4/10 and when I reviewed, what would have been question 1 was a blank slide. 2/10 review appeared, then 3 was a blank slide. 4/10 then appeared etc. 

Hope that helps towards figuring things out! You need Button 1 to send back to 3.1 I think? 

Also, ideally, to use the question banks and randomisation properly, I would create 10 question banks and 10 slides that pull from question banks. Each slide will pull from 1 question bank eg slide 1 pulls in questions from question bank 1, slide 2 pulls in from question bank 2 etc. Even if it's just 2 questions per question bank, it will show one or the other. So you need slides 3.1 to 3.10 in that scene.

That way, when you finish and review the quiz, you are sending the user back to slide 3.1 and the question that was answered will be there to review. 

Hope that makes sense and maybe other people use the question banks and randomisation differently, but doing it how I've explained will allow the review to work properly.

Thomas Whittaker

Hi Lilian,

The guide I followed allows for only incorrect answers to be shown on retry, which may be the reason slides 2/10 and 4/10 showed during one of the your attempts. This has been a requirement of the client.

I have setup multiple scenes within their own questions and results slide, which are chosen at random, so I wouldn't have thought this to be a problem. I'm unsure on whether redirecting "Button 1" to slide 3.1 ("Draw from Question Bank") would change the questions when triggered.

I don't want to have a new set of questions to appear, when they click retry, due to the "Draw from Question Bank". Would this be a problem if I were to redirect "Button 1".

Hope this makes sense, would you be able to iron out any queries I've highlighted.


Thomas Whittaker

Lillian, I've tried redirecting "Button 1" to 3.1, which doesn't affect the questions the user receives, however, this doesn't fix the problem I've initially encountered.

When you mentioned how some of the answers on review, during an attempt, showed empty slides, these are correct answers from previous attempts. I think it may require show triggers and/or variables to ensure the content is displayed after a given number of tries.

If anyone can shed some light on this, whether my idea would solve the problem, or a better understanding of what might be triggering it, it's very much appreciated.


lilian soon

Hi Thomas, your idea of not repeating questions that have been shown before is a nice one, but I don't believe that Storyline has a way of coping with this. We cannot get at the code that shows the 'correct' or 'incorrect' slides on review, so your ability to affect these is limited. In a sense, I suspect what you are doing is more sophisticated than Storyline was meant to be! I would use a specialised quizzing tool within an LMS or a standalone quizzing tool for something like this. Otherwise, you're almost trying to build a quiz engine with just the Storyline variables.

If you can forgo the clever bit and allow questions to be shown again (even if they were previously answered correctly) then it's much simpler, but if you need this feature, I'm not sure I know the answer! Sorry! Maybe someone else in the community can help?