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Bianca Woods

Hi Alaa,

Welcome to the community! There are many approaches that could work for this, but one I find can make dry content like writing tips more interesting to learners is building it into a scenario that relates to their world.

Your e-learning course could feature a character trying to write more effective business communications in their work. You could build small challenges into that scenario that would have learners use different writing tips in realistic ways, like editing an email draft to make it more straightforward, reformatting some technical writing to make it easier to see the process steps in it, or shifting a presentation script to make it active instead of passive. This scenario on prioritizing tasks is a good example of how to create those realistic challenges.

Also, if this content is for a specific company or group, find out what parts of business/technical writing they're struggling most with right now and focus your content on their most significant pain points. That can do a lot to help learners feel a course is a good use of their time and will help them solve challenges they regularly face.