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Oct 17, 2019

Question how do you handle your company branding guidelines? Our company this has a new branding guideline, which is good. But they think that all course for e-learning much use on standard white branded slide deck. These slide templates are more geared and design strictly as PowerPoint. 

Seeking guidance on how you and other handle these guidelines. 

Thank you for the feedback and knowledge. 

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Holley Berley

Hi Mel,

I'd suggest making some samples to show the company heads in which you get a little creative with their standard deck.  You can compliment branding colors and designs without having to have the exact same look and feel every time.  Maybe find a few articles about learning design and knowledge recollection.  The stats are there - monotony can lead to lack of attention which leads to a lack of retention.  Sometimes, people just have to see an example/stats in front of them in order to see your vision as a viable option. 

Trina Rimmer

Hi Mel. I think your observations about the fundamental differences between the mostly static content and intent of branding style guides and the function and intent behind e-learning are really important points. I created this interactive style guide for e-learning in Rise 360 that might give you some talking points or ideas you can use to discuss these differences with your branding folks. At a minimum, maybe this is an opportunity to work with them to create a version of the branding style guide that honors the instructional nature of e-learning? 

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