Building a "Launch Pad" with several courses branching off of it.

Hi Everyone,

I had this idea, but I don't know how to make it work.  I work at a software company and when a new version of the product comes out, there are always new features that need a little extra explanation for our sales and training staff.  What I want to do is create a Launch Pad or an interaction that looks like one, but really is many interactions knitted together.  I want to create a training module for each new feature (with videos inside the module).  Each module will be have several slides. 

I was toying around with creating an iPad-looking screen and each icon would be a new feature module.  Would I continue with the iPad design or should each module have their own flavor?  I was thinking a simple design for each module, but I am not sure.  Does each module need to look the same...same colors and layout?  Or could I get more creative without confusing people?

This is just a mock-up that we found when we were trying to figure out if this would work:

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Phil Mayor

Hi Rachel, have you seen the ipad inspired skin, you could use that to host your launch app, no reason why they should all look the same, not all ipad apps look the same, you could even differentiate them using different icon design and carry that through for the course design

nice idea