Building a spot the hazard interaction

Jun 21, 2017

Hi All

I'm building a "spot the hazards' interactive slide in Storyline 360. There are 16 hazards in total and the learner must spot all 16 before moving forward.

However! I am really stuck, as some things appear to work and other's don't and I'm hoping the community of experts maybe able to advise?

When the learner spots a hazard they click on the hazard 'hotspot', the hazard layer appears to confirm they are correct. The user then clicks another hazard and all spotted hazards appear on the base slide in a 'visited' state.

When the user has correctly spotted 12 hazards, a 'reveal all' button appears. I have created a 'variable' to add +1 when any hazard layer is shown, when >11 is reached the button should appear. This is appearing when only 6 have been spotted for some reason?

Once all 16 hazard layers are visited, the 'next' and 'previous' buttons appear for user to continue, but these are not? I've used true/false variables for this.

I want learners to know that they have correctly spotted a hazard but Hazard 1 and Hazard 16 stars won't appear in a 'visited' state but all the others do? 

The file is attached and I've tried to explain the outcomes and issues as best I can. I'd be really grateful for any input at all. :)

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