Building a Wearable Game. Testers?

Woot! I just finished my March AWSM Prompt entry, an elearning game on building a wearable, built using Storyline 2.

I'd love some testers if anyone has any spare time. Any and all comments and suggestions for improvements welcome

Check it out here:

Check out a little more about it here:

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Alex Karpov

Hi Kristin!

Awesome thing!)))

Okay, here what I found:

Research: picto of gisto is moving when you slide between Preferences and Estimated Usage.

Design: Build companion app - clicking No you can easily go under 0 $ and have device in the end for 12 $ with all features))) You have change variables and conditions of this elements (button Yes also).

And maybe there no end slide such as share with friends or etc., only retry picto.

Anyway,I like it very much! Great job!