Building an engaging company overview with limited resources please help!

Nov 17, 2016


I have been tasked with creating a presentation for New Hires with limited resources. The presentation has to be a company overview of who we are, what we do and the products we service.

Any ideas how to pull this together in a week would be extremely helpful.


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Crystal Horn

Hi AB!  I know that you've posted this a few days ago, so I hope you were able to make some progress.  We've got a brilliant cache of downloadable assets and templates to help make course creation a little easier.  Using the Design > Theme tools also create a cohesive look and feel across your course easily.  Good luck with everything!

Destery Hildenbrand

Something I would recommend images and audio narration. Images of the different locations and maybe a title labeling each. Next record audio directly into each slide within storyline and talk about the images. I've used this method to create quick presentations in the past with limited resources and budget. I't not super fancy but effective. It's resource friendly, chances are you have images of the company somewhere and a microphone plugged into your computer. The only major expense on your end is the timesink. Good luck with your project, hope your able to make the quick turnaround. 

Nick Elkins

Show them how they fit into the company, rather than all about the company. They already know a lot about the company, otherwise they wouldn't have taken the job. Organizations spend so much time assimilating new hires into their culture. Instead, we should be focused on how we can use each new hire's gifts to better the company.

Show them what's in it for them and how to succeed.

Melissa Jordan

I agree that the easiest thing would be to find a great template here in the community resources. Since the information is pretty straightforward and the deadline is tight, I'd keep it really simple.

Highlight what sets your company apart, or maybe some interesting information that most people don't know about your company. Humor also helps to make it fun and memorable.

Kristin Savko

I think you can get a lot of bang for your buck out of drag and drops. Sorting drag drops (maybe yes/no type) or dragging into a hierarchy are awesome ways to make your learners stop and think w/out too much time tied up in development. 

When I'm really tight on a deadline, I often strive for a really clean presentation with a lot of white space. I am including an image from one I'm working on currently. Real clean, simple shapes. Rely heavily on icons (these are from stock, but with a company overview, I bet you could find a lot of nice icons in the community resources that would help you.)

Good luck!!!

Mike Jones

If your company has a marketing/advertising department, or a talent acquisition/recruiting department, check with them for collateral, assets, and any information that might already exist. I once worked on a new hire orientation for 6-months before haphazardly discovering a lot of what I was looking to create was already available somewhere else in the organization. 

In terms of creating a high-impact presentation in a short turnaround, perhaps you would be best to focus on welcoming them to the organization and explaining how they fit in, as Nick previously mentioned—but also share resources for where they should go for different types of questions. New hires may not have questions on day one, but they surely will in the following days.

Having a concise place where they can get answers, or at least where to go for more information, is one of the best experiences we can provide to a new team member.

Brooke Schepker

I agree with everyone above about leveraging this community site...grab a free template, some interactions, ideas, and then plug in your content.

Don't forget to ask around to see what materials others may have that can help support the learning experience.  You'd be surprised what assets other departments have such as graphics, reference documents, PowerPoint presentations, facilitator guides, or even videos.  You never know what exists out there until you ask.

Best of luck!

Jackie Van Nice

Definitely use a template and other ELH assets - but one of the quickest and most engaging intros for new hires is to have key people make little videos to introduce themselves and their departments. Keep them quick and light (and use some humor if you can!) and you have an unbeatable introduction to your organization.

Tracy Parish

I've been using Rise quite a bit this week for those projects that I need to have a quick turnaround time on.  It's proved to be very effective because of all the built in components/elements to just drop my content into fast.  It would be the best for most of my courses, but is great for the quick turn around projects.


Thank You for your help!!

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