Building an in-house community of RISE course developers - any tips?

I work at a company with around 5,000 staff in Asia Pacific. We recently bought Articulate and favor RISE for course development. 

From our fantastic, full-time staff (We call them Grabbers) we have selected half-dozen RISE champions. The RISE champions are subject matter experts themselves and building out course-ware which means we can create modules which distribute their  expertise internally, far and wide, using the Articulate platform.  


After the initial buzz of learning a new tool and building their first course, how do we sustain the interest of the champions in being part of the community? 

How do we reward our courseware developers? 

How do we keep the quality bar high in terms of modules? 

If  anyone has any tips or experiences in building out an internal team of RISE or Articulate users who are SME's and not training pro's, I'd love to hear from you! 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Michael! 

This sounds like a super cool program! Here are some ideas for keeping the initial excitement alive:

  • If you have Slack or something similar, set up a channel for the champions, so they can pick each other brains as needed
  • Set up monthly or quarterly community lunches to foster relationships between the champions
  • Give prizes for the most courses created or for the best course

To ensure top quality, I would set up some sort of quality assurance process. Here are a couple articles to help you figure out what that may look like:

I hope that's helpful! :)

David Tait

This sounds like an exciting time for your organisation.

Could you enter the best courses in to any industry awards so that the developers have the chance to gain external recognition for their efforts?

Another idea could be to set up a leaderboard showing which courses were most popular (by views). Nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

You could do something similar to the ELH monhtly challenges. By setting challenges relevant to your organisation you have the opportunity to answer your organisation's needs whilst at the same time pushing your developers in new directions.