Building External Assessments

Oct 25, 2022

In an effort to build a different form of assessment with confidence variables, I am of the opinion that it may be needed to be build it externally to 360 and then link it back to the course. I will assume that all of the written reporting will also be done externally. Will there be any xAPI and LRS/LMS issues or limitations arise if the assessment is built externally to 360?  I read that the universities are using LTI apps to fulfill some of their assessment criteria? Any opinions on how to build this and then link it back? Thanks.

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Math Notermans

As you mention LTI integration, i suspect your aiming at using this in Instructure Canvas.

I am working on recreating H5P elements in Storyline for teachers to use on Canvas. The questions, options, feedback and images all will be set into external GoogleSheets. Then the teacher can make his interaction live on Canvas and set it as assignment. Grading will be automatically added to Canvas. So Scorm is needed.