Building in SL360 for a client with SL3

Sep 18, 2017


I will be building a course in SL360 for a client who has SL3 - can you direct me please to the page that shows updated features in SL360 that are not compatible with SL3?  Something like, tables are a new feature in SL360 but if you tried to open the file in SL3 with this new feature it wouldn't let you due to incompatibility - I remember seeing this somewhere but can't find it aargh!

Would like this list so I make sure I don't inadvertently add something into the SL360 file that won't open in SL3.

Thanks for your help! Gabby

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Gabrielle Hartin

Thanks Wendy,

However this is not what I was referring to - I remember a discussion trial a while back that talked about a certain situation  - if you are building in SL360 and are inadvertently using an update that has been added into SL360 (since the publication of SL3) then try to open that file in SL3 it will give you an error message and say it can't open the file as it's incompatible. 

There was then some sort of table in the discussion trail that showed the updates to SL360 since the publication of SL3  - you  could then use that while building in SL360 to make sure you don't include the use of any of the new updates (in order for the file to work okay in SL3)

Hope that all makes sense?  This is really important for me as I am building a course in SL360 for a client who will open it up in SL3.

Thanks for your help!

Simon Blair

Hi Gabby,

I think this page has what you're looking for:

It says you can open SL360 files in SL3 if they don't have any 360-specific features (as of Jan 23, those were text-to-speech, random numbers, and modern text rendering).


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