Building Interactive Scenarios

Good Day all, I have a questinon for the group.

I am building an e-learning piece for security officers in our company.  I am thinking that I will build a very simple shell but then jump out into quizmaker or engage for each of the interactive scenarios.

The basic shell would have the employee picking the post that they would be assigned to (ppt slide) and based on that choice the would then jump into a set of decisions (quizzmaker or engage?)

Does anyone have experience doing this.  Is it better to stay within ppt and use lots of hyperlinks, or create engates/quizzes for each scenario.

all advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Ari! What sorts of interactivity or quizzing did you have in mind? You can definitely embed content from Quizmaker & Engage right into your project, so that everything is within one course - you don't need to hyperlink to those as separate content items. Each quiz or interaction can occupy a slide within your course, and if you'd like to build a menu at the beginning that allows learners to jump to a specific section, it's pretty easy to do that with PowerPoint hyperlinks.

Check out this example, and jump to the Games & Activities section. That has a hyperlinked menu, and within the section there's an Engage interaction and a Quizmaker quiz embedded as slides in the course.

Engage and Quizmaker can be great tools for scenario building... here are a couple ideas that you might like to look at:

Using Quizmaker to Build a Rapid Situational Interactivity

Using Engage to Build a Knowledge-Check Scenario

Feel free to share a little more about your project and what the learning objectives are, and we can suggest some ideas & possibilities.

Kevin Dowd

Hi Ari,

To answer your question about whether or not you should just build it in ppt with hyperlinks... that is a question that my team and I always struggle with.  There are limitations that you will experience with engage and quizmaker. 

For example, if you want to allow your user to select somewhere specific on the screen, then you cannot really  use engage or quizmaker (ie, if you want to click somewhere in particular within a diagram to branch, or you want to have tabs are some kind of fancy design). 

Also, creating a unified background gets tricky. 

However, as a general rule, if you can get past the limitations that engage and quizmaker put in place that ppt does not, using engage and quizmaker will most likely make your course look more professional and will be a little easier to maintain as you build.

Hope this helps,