Building reaccreditation courses

Hi all,

I am designing a course that is for reaccreditation and wanted to reach out for some ideas.

This is a compliance module that is heavily based on complex branching scenarios. The leaners will compete this full version first time around. The reaccreditation will happen ever 2 years from when they last completed the module.  For the reaccreditation I wanted to go down the path of adaptive learning (not to be confused with responsive design) where by there is some sort of pre-assessment to get some sort of baseline and based on the data, only relevant content will be pushed out.

The problem is we are trying to not use traditional assessment methods as the course has been built using the complex branching which serve as the assessment.

We have received feedback as follows:

1. Existing Staff - the new compliance module is still long and covers things they already know.

2. New staff - love the easy and use of the new compliance module. Length wasn't too much of an issue.

This tells me that the reaccreditation every 2 years for existing staff needs to be shorter and made more relevant (e.g. not all content will be required)

Thoughts on this and how others have tackled similar situations would be great.



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Michael Bauer

I am about to create a course like this,

Looking at a 10-ish minute refresher course, and need to cover 5 topics. Will have 2 questions on each section in an RCC-quiz at the start - if both questions are answered correctly, they won't need to review the further info or be asked questions on it.

Sounds similar to yours, but without the branching scenarios due to short time to be spent on it, however am looking forward to seeing what ideas you may get :)