Building scenarios for ESL courses

Mar 13, 2012

I'm developing modules in English grammar for tertiary-level, second language users of English and building scenarios seems to be a big challenge. My developer is using the Articulate suite and I have seen how versatile it is. The problem is,  I'm not able to contextualize the content however much I try.  Any ideas? 

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Saenna B Ahman

Hi Leena, have you ever seen the free language training that Voice of America offers on their web site? I like how they use contemporary cultural references to help people get accustomed to English. YOu can see their language classroom here resouorces here:

Bob S

Hi Leena,

Assuming this is ESL for learners based in the US, the first two things that pop to mind are....

1) Some sort of "Amazing Race" type thing set in an American city. Where the learners will have to interact with various folks and choose the responses/questions with the proper grammar in order to move through the tasks.

2) How about a story-based scenario where the learners have a friend/family member join them here in the US and they have to help them navigate through typical situations they once faced. Use of proper grammar let's them build relationships faster, save money, open opportunities, etc just as being well spoken in general does in real life.

Hope this helps and good luck,


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Going along with the post by Bob S. I was thinking about some of the scenarios I've set up in ESOL classes where I volunteer as a facilitator. The intention is for Learners to learn vocabulary and concepts so they can navigate within their community. I'm sure these could be created in Articulate

  • Tellers and customers at a bank. Vocabulary is taught/learned before the actual scenario takes place. Topics could include making deposits and withdrawals. Also writing checks and balancing a checkbook. Applying for loans. ...
  • The Interviewer and Interviewee for a job. Again, vocabulary for the "pre-teaching". Topics can include how to dress, when to arrive, demeanor, what to bring along, etc.
  • Librarian and patron at a library. Pre-teaching vocabulary and then the intereactions which could include needing reference information, locating a book, accessing computers...

So, just a few thoughts.

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