Bullet points in elearn

Jul 24, 2013

Hi all,

I was wondering how do you guys tackle the bullet point issue while developing elearn courses.

Sometime the content that the SME provides has bullet points and cannot be eliminated, but could be presented in another way, so I am looking to get ideas of how you guys do it.

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Bruce Graham

I find that about 90% of the time, the "bullet points" they have put into a course are not bullet points.

Most of the time I find that they are sentences - so I change them to sentences, and then try and find other ways to display the information.

First - make sure you understand, completely, the "rules" for bullet points - perhaps your SMEs are mistaken in their use of them? There are a number of variants but if you Google you will find out how they should be used.

A bullet point is pretty strict grammatical device that has a specific purpose, which has changed because PowerPoint makes it so easy, and because people who write .ppt(x) cannot be bothered to find out - very often it is because they do not know, and like to be shown what it could be changed to.

After discussion, I eliminate them almost 100% and find another, more attractive way to present the information - such as lists, or "Click to reveal " or whatever.


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