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Bruce Graham

I find that about 90% of the time, the "bullet points" they have put into a course are not bullet points.

Most of the time I find that they are sentences - so I change them to sentences, and then try and find other ways to display the information.

First - make sure you understand, completely, the "rules" for bullet points - perhaps your SMEs are mistaken in their use of them? There are a number of variants but if you Google you will find out how they should be used.

A bullet point is pretty strict grammatical device that has a specific purpose, which has changed because PowerPoint makes it so easy, and because people who write .ppt(x) cannot be bothered to find out - very often it is because they do not know, and like to be shown what it could be changed to.

After discussion, I eliminate them almost 100% and find another, more attractive way to present the information - such as lists, or "Click to reveal " or whatever.