Buying Courseware "Off the Shelf"

Mar 06, 2013

Good Morning Articulate Community,

Our organization is looking to purchase some courseware that we can use to supplement our custom courses. Mainly, we are looking for yearly compliance training (i.e., Basic First Aid, Infectious Disease Control, etc.), along with some softskill stuff (i.e., professional communications, etc.).

We currently purchase access to a large catalog of courses (I won’t mention the company name); however, the licensing is quite costly and for an organization of 10,000+, it's just not fiscally feasible. Plus the content isn't all that good (it's really bad).

I was curious to know if anyone knows of any companies out there that offer courses that we can purchase once and upload into our LMS. We don't want to be restricted to a number of licenses, etc. Even better, it would be nice if this company offered the actual course files in the purchase, allowing us to possibly edit the content.

Maybe this is too big of a request, but I have to believe there is some company out there that does this?



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Sheila Bulthuis


I've recently been looking into this for a client, and haven't found too many options, but there are a few.  Try this thread, it had a couple of ideas (I haven't had a chance to look deeply into any of them yet):

Good luck, and if you find any other good options, please pass them along!

Brooke Schepker


Take a look at Rapid Course, we provide you with the source files of the courses (all the files we, as developers, used to design and develop the course in Articulate) so you can quickly customize it to your unique needs.  For example, you could swap out the color scheme used throughout, add any company-specific policies relevant to the course, upload your organization's logo, and much more.  Because you have the source files, you can publish for use in any LMS.

I am happy to provide a preview of any course, as well as provide a course map of those courses that are currently in development.  Happy to help however I can!

Here is an article from Articulate that talks a bit more about our service:   A white paper from Learning Solutions is also available:

Thanks and hope this helps!  Good luck in your search!

Gina Hoekstra

Hi Tim,

I did a big search of companies for this recently to offer options to our management as we were trying to steer away from a similiar situation (4000 employees at $100 a head is just to expensive). Unfotunately, there is not much out there that has a large library and is cost effective for our numbers (unless the company has deep pockets). I keep getting told to check out one off course purchases, but at $1K - 5K a piece, that is not feasible either (we need over 20 safety courses at least and would like a library of more than 50-100 business courses for our corporate employees).

Of the companies I sourced, video's were probably my favorite choice besides what we currently have, but still costly and not feasible for all our employees (only our 500 or so corporate ones we could accomodate with this option). We are hoping to still find some safety courses that will work for our blue collar workforce.

Andrew Scivally

I know that this thread is realllllly old but I thought that I'd respond anyway. We've recently launched Customizable Courseware that fits what you're looking for Tim. We sell the actual Storyline file (.story) and let you use it for as many users as you'd like. One price for unlimited users and you get the source files to customize how ever you'd like. Bonus: We also give you classroom materials to create blended learning.

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