Calling all e-learning folks who work in healthcare organizations

Received a note from a blog reader who is looking for healthcare organizations to benchmark with. She's looking to broaden her organization's e-learning curriculum, and she wants to compare notes about what's working (and what's not) when it comes to developing & deploying e-learning in a hospital or healthcare organization.

What a cool opportunity to connect with someone in the same industry and help each other improve your organization's e-learning effectiveness!

If you work in a healthcare setting and would be willing to share your experiences with a fellow community member, please add a reply to this post, or send me a message (you can click on my name and choose "send private message"). Thanks!

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Nita  Venter

Daniel Lynn said:

Hi folks, just call me Danny.  I have 22 years in CBT, WBT Design/Development. The last 6 have been with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. The 9 before that with USA the NASA main contractor for Shuttle Station Operations. So, I have a bit of experience to offer. Was a "Forum" ever actually formed here for healthcare people? If so where can I find it?

I haven't read all of the posts here yet but I have an interesting Link to offer at  BioDigital Human: Anatomy and Health Conditions in Interactive 3D. Most of the features are free.

I hope I'm not too late to join in here. I have found discussions by searching 'healthcare"...

Daniel Lynn
Sr. Instructional Developer

Hello there Danny - thanks for the awesome link!

Yes, there was a forum established last year (see link, It would be great if you had some topics to restart the dialogue again, 


Danielle Drake

Hi Jeanette,

I work as part of the National institute for Health Research,  Clinical Research network (IS trainer). We've just invested in a few Storyline licenses and for the moment I'm teaching it to myself, and its going swimmingly.

  Would be happy to help, in fact I think you called me yesterday but was in training all day and I have left my mobile at home and haven't got the number to call you back, I will try on Monday.

Timo Lehmann

Really great idea to establish health a care group,

The German company I am working for is the market leader for protheses world wide. My position as an instructional designer is to organize and to build the WBT and to develop and distribute the global infrastructure. All eLearning content is produced in house only by using different tools.

I am really looking forward to share specific knowledge about production and establishing eLearning and about knowledge management in health care companies.



Deb Rasmussen

I'm in as well! So great to see all the interest in this area. I work for a healthcare system in a rural area as a System Clinical Educator and we've been dabbling in e-learning for a couple years though still mainly used for purpose of transmitting information. I'm just finishing a master's in ID to help guide us forward. Would love to be involved since healthcare has its unique needs- esp with all the regulations.

Mike Walters

Wow, this thread snoozed for nearly a year and seems to have come back to life again!

I'll add my voice to the throng as I just commented in another similar thread...

I'm a medic by training and now count two of Australia & New Zealand's medical colleges amongst my clients. We have been facing challenges delivering training to nurses and doctors using not just Articulate but Moodle as well.

Always happy to chat.


Daniel Lynn

Two other tools I posted on another thread here.


Color Cop is a really quick RGB/hexadecimal value fetcher. It runs on top so you can grab values from anywhere on screen. It's perfectly accurate. It sounds like the one you are looking for Robin. And Adobe has a color scheme generator called Kuler that's pretty cool...  Both are FREE, Safe and Reliable.

Above is the links to the tools. Kuler also has an introduction page here.

It's cool to see the other tools people are using.


Susan Svitak

I work for a large healthcare organization and train all of the agents at our call center on how to use our phone system (Aspect). We recently(within the past year) starting using eLearning and would love to hear what everyone is doing. I am sure I would learn a lot since we are new at this. We currently use Articulate/power point 2003 (We are finally upgrading to 2010!!) and we use Knowlagent/Intradiem to deliver it to our agents.

Lu Post

Kate, thank you for sending the video link. I really enjoyed their format. I have used some video in our e-learning courses; however, the main problem I have is how time-consuming and expensive it is to update them. Healthcare changes so rapidly that I'm always needing to update our content.  

Granted, I only watched a few modules, but I think adding interactivity would make this type of training much more engaging. Storyline gives you nice options for this. I recently watched a great video chat with Mike Enders from Articulate on the creative use of video in Storyline. I think this type of format would work great for healthcare training. You could inject a small video clip, followed by an interactivity. Based on the user's response, the course would branch in the desired direction. With the ability to add hotspots to videos in Storyline, you can make them clickable and interactive.

I've done this a bit with Flash, where I'll create a short animation, export it to an AVI movie, add it to Storyline as a video object, and insert my own hyperlinks on top of the video. This allows interactive use of Flash in an HTML5-friendly project. I think this would work just as great with video.

Barbara Hacker


I am a nurse working in Human Resources as department head for Research & Development.  I'm an educator and responsible to learn how to develop the online training courses for all departments in the organization.  My job includes designing and developing surveys, online courses, training materials/presentations for other trainers, quizzes, etc.

Just a beginner in Storyline.  So I'm still struggling with how to develop basic online interactive courses for our staff.    I can't be of much help to others at this time.  I'm more in a position of needing help with some of the functions.  

Very willing to learn.  Will help after I have some successes with designing and publishing my courses.


Rick Hunsicker

A little late with a reply, but just joined the group.  I provide Sales eLearning for retirement communities, and I'd be interested  if anyone knows of a program that is compatible with Articulate On-Line for scheduling lessons and tracking if they've been taken, etc. beyond the reporting from Articulate On-line?

Lisa Pastoor

@Angela I'm curious if you're using Lectora because HealthStream recommended it as a product? My organization was using Lectora  and Lectora Snap. I've convinced them to adopt Stoyline as a product because it's far superior.

My boss attended the HealthStream conference and they asked for a show of hands for how many are using Storyline.... only 3 hands went up. Hopefully this is changing and the healthcare community will move towards more interactive eLearning.

Angela Castiel

@Lisa- I use Lectora because it's the only product my Dept had when I first started.  I really like it, and I use Snap as well, but I'm starting to get hooked on SL.  Even though I've been doing this for while, I still struggle with variables and although I haven't used them a lot in SL, I find that the little I've done with them is easier  than in Lectora for me.  My organization is actually looking into having everyone use Articulate, which is great.  Right now they're looking at Studio 13 so I'm looking forward to maybe getting that as well in the future.  Did you get your SL yet?  I hope so!