can I make a custom template using my organizations brand?

Sep 26, 2016

Hello hive,

I want to create a custom template for Storyline 2 that utilizes the pan-tones and graphics that are part of my organization's brand. Hoe do I do this? The goal is to open and project and be able to apply the template/theme ans all of the correct branding and graphics are available. 

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Phil Mayor

IN the design tab you can also apply colour schemes, pentanes are really for print but you should have web colours in the brand identity guidelines for your organisations.  Also you can apply fonts in design tab so they are consistent. Just a quick tip for colours and fonts these are applied on a slide master level but also a feedback master level.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Rhonda. Creating your own templates or customizing some of the free templates here with your company's branding can be a great time-saver. Following are a few tutorials and articles that walk through some tips and how-tos for working with Master Slides, branding your projects, and customizing free templates.

Keep in mind, when you save your finished project in Storyline as a template, Storyline will automatically add that template to your library. When you click on "New Slide" under the Insert menu, the first tab on the Insert Slide panel is "Template." Clicking on the template drop-down will show your newly created template with all the layouts ready to apply to new projects.  

Marti Stemm

I find that I do best when I so my design in PowerPoint, and then copy and past the elements into a Master Slide.  PowerPoint gives me far more flexibility in creating graphics.   I find that I have a PowerPoint slide open almost all of the time when I am working on any Storyline Presentation.   I can add and subtract items, create animations not available yet in Storyline, and even save them as a "video" to insert.   I also have many additional shapes available to work with in PowerPoint.  

Jackie Van Nice

For Screens: Michael's pointer to the tutorial about how to use slide masters is perfect. Be sure you use Create New Theme Colors (included on that page), and Create New Theme Fonts (also on that page) so you're working consistently across courses.

For the Player: You'll want to be sure you design a player and player color scheme to be consistent across projects, too - and the player can include your logo or other branding. Here's the start of the Storyline 2 tutorials for creating it. 

Best of luck, Rhonda! It takes a little time to put together and save your colors, fonts, master slides, player, and player colors - but you'll be sooooooo glad you did! 

Ramona-Valentina Anusca

First of all set-up your screen resolution (I use 1280*700 and left side menu to full fill the window <16:9 aspect ratio> )

Contact marketing dept to give you all pictures available, then work with them in photoshop and insert into your project

always use header and/or footer with logo

use slide master

insert a funny game @ the end and add smart interaction slides between slides 

use variables (for name...)

use custom player colors

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