Can I use SL360 to create teaching materials for a classroom session?

Mar 20, 2018


I'm using the Rise solution to create elearning modules in the professional environment and I'm starting with the Storyline360 solution to create interactivity within these modules.

I was wondering if any of you had ever used it to create resources for the classroom (for the trainers in classroom) and if that seemed possible and appropriate to you. If yes, do you have any examples of use?

Thank you very much !


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Richard Watson


Since Storyline publishes as HTML content, you could treat it like any other content on a webpage. Create the appropriate links and launch them from a browser during your class to show the students a concept or idea. 

You could provide links to the students and allow them to use it for an activity exercise.

I haven't taught in the classroom for many years but can see tons of ways to use it to complement existing material or reinforce a concept. 


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