Self-paced learning modules and lower/higher order objectives

Mar 08, 2012

Most of my time is currently spent developing self-paced learning modules, so asynchronous learning.  I'm wondering for those who create this same kind of learning experience or have in the recent past, if you typically create modules or courses at the remembering/knowledge and understanding/comprehension levels of Bloom's taxonomy or if you also create modules or courses where the learner has to apply, analyze, evaluate or create.

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Kristin Savko

We try and hit some of the higher levels using well thought out questions that make them apply and analyze. Some of the Quizmaker features like hot spot interactions or image questions have really helped with that, but sometimes it's just a well crafted multiple choice (we're lucky to have a real good question writer). We don't usually assess these questions, they're interwoven through the content as check points. (although there is still an exam at the end) 

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