Can someone explain how to create a word search in storyline (360)?

Nov 01, 2020

I looked at some examples but I can't understand how to create the variables and triggers....

I have the letters with the states ready. How to continue?




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Sarah Hodge

Hi Shevi! I’ve never created a word search in Storyline before, so hopefully someone in the community has more insight. In the meantime, I wanted to share these examples with you in case you haven’t seen these specific ones. You can download the story file to see how they created it. 

Sarah Hodge

Hi Shevi! I think the text is only there as a reference to help build the course. It's the triggers that make things happen. From what I can tell, it appears she used a ton of triggers to change states and adjust variables to get it to work. I see that Anna is helping to answer your questions over in this thread which is great since she built it and definitely knows it best. Hope you're able to create exactly what you envision! I love a good word search. 😊

Shevi Yuval

I am waiting for an answer in that thread. Since Anna is nor responding to my question- can you help here, or there, to understand how the text changes. What I don't understand is the trigger of  "adjust the variable” . I don't get where the value Palabra 1 for example comes from? In the variable created- there is no value. Thanks.


Sarah Hodge

Hi Shevi! If I understand correctly, I think the value Palabra 1 is just text Anna typed in as a reference to make the SOPA1 variable "change" to something... that the variables at the top would work...

I edited the Palabra 1 text to say chimpanzee and the word search appeared to still work. My guess is that's because SOPA 1 "changed". It doesn't matter what it changes to since the other triggers only require it to change to something in order for the state of the letters to change states to Correcto.  

Does that make sense? 

Shevi Yuval


A continuation to this: I'm building a game based on the wonderful Anna's game, but it's a little different. 

Instead of a bank of hidden words, I want to create definitions that once the player recognizes the missing word, and clicks on the first and last letter, it will not only light up in the crossword puzzle, but also in the definition text. So far so good.

The thing is that I need about 10 definitions and I can't put all on one slide.

How would you construct the crossword puzzle and definitions in the optimal way that the learners could solve it? it can be one definitions at a time or a few together?

How can I avoid a situation that the player will just click on letters before the relevant definition appears?

Any ideas will be appreciated:).


Joanne Chen

Hi Shevi, I will put definitions on layers. Once a correct word is found, the definition of the layer shows. And then you can hide the definition layer when users click outside the definition text box or put a close BTN to hide the layer so users can move onto finding another word. Also, you can have a trigger to show the layer again when clicking on the found text on crossword.