Case Study example - Storyline

I just wanted to share one part of a course I just finished up that ended with a case study.  The learner is presented with a patient scenario and from the scenario must identify why the patient is at risk of Harm and/or Falls.

There was then also the need to have them answer some preventative solutions, which I tackled with an open ended question.

Only the patient 3 option works in this demo.  I tried several different solutions to have the learner pick the correct phrases and the "lady" respond.  Having each response on a different layer seemed to work best.  I had them on one layer, but couldn't get the responses to reveal sequentially the way I intended.

You'll also notice there is a variable counter included to let the learner know how many "phrases" are left for them to find.

Hope this help you a bit in your designs.


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Jeanette Brooks

Really nice example, Tracy! Thanks for sharing it! I love how you put the learner into a realistic situation and give them data (including distractors!) to analyze and work with. Great job!!

One thing you might consider: on the items within the paragraph of data, you could make the correct items switch to a disabled state once the learner clicks. Otherwise, if they happen to go back and click a correct item multiple times (i.e., if they want to read the feedback again or whatever), each click will continue to adjust the numeric variable value - which could mean that the count then goes into negative numbers.