Centralized & decentralized company eLearning structure

Aug 08, 2014

My company currently uses a decentralized eLearning structure where 3 business areas create their own online learning. Other smaller business areas in the company do not have the resources to produce quality eLearning. We're considering moving to a centralized eLearning structure where the company provides online learning resources to fulfill needs while continuing to allow the flexibility for individual business units to create and maintain their own courses.

Please share any comments related to your experiences moving from a decentralized to a centralized eLearning structure.

What are the benefits and challenges of our plan?

If your company has moved from a decentralized to centralized structure, what was your process?

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Nicole Legault

Hey Linda!

Thanks for posting this question in the forums! I think this is a really interesting topic...

I definitely think there are some important pros to having a centralized e-learning structure, a few of them being:

  • More consistency
  • Hopefully, also higher quality
  • More ability to share assets (saving production time, money)
  • Planned approach to developing courses
  • More ability for people to share their knowledge and learn from each other

Some of the challenges you might want to consider:

  • Change management and getting people on board
  • Choosing one unified process that everyone agrees on could be a challenge
  • Picking tools and software for collaboration that everyone can use
  • There may be a less "personal touch" when it's centralized vs decentralized

Here are some additional links to past forum discussions that might be helfpul for you...

Hope this helps Linda!! Good Luck!!

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