Challenging task for a K12 assignment. Please Help!

I have wanted to post this for a long time but I know everyone is busy so I have waited.  But after the class I had today I thought I would give it a shot.  Another teacher has came up with a great lesson on excel to teach 7th graders how to write checks and record those checks in a register. Unfortunately,  7th graders tend to erase some of the formulas. This messes up the grading. I have been thinking about redoing this lesson on Storyline for a LONG time but I just can't think of a way to make it all work.  Does anyone have any ideas they would be willing to share. I have attached the EXCEL file and the answer key. Thanks



P.S I am not a master a scripts. 

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Bob S


Not to got back to the idea you are migrating away from, but you know that Excel cells can be locked and/or hidden yes?   That way no critical data or formulas can be touched.

Still lots of other great reasons of course to move to an e-learning type model. So bring on the ideas, heroes!

Ryan DeWitt

Brian, to add to Michaels javascript suggestion here's a site I go to to add basic javascript math as a SL trigger.  You can copy and paste after adding an Execute javascript trigger.

You'll need to set up all your variables logic 1st and get that working before getting fancy with graphics which you already have a great. 

What a valuable exercise for the kids. Cool project for Storyline, keep going!