Changing master slides


I've downloaded the 'Gamified-Scenario.story' template, which can be very usable for courses I'm planning to build at the moment.

My problem is: how to change/adapt the master slides underneath. I would like to translate the score panel at the right side of each slide (see attachment) into Dutch, and change some colors in the slides background.


Leo van den Munkhof

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Leo. Glad you've found Nicole's template so useful for your courses. 

The Slide Master can be accessed from the View menu in Storyline. From there you can adjust the background colors, fonts, icons, and you can translate the text.

If you're looking for something more along the lines of workflow tips for slide master translations, this recent thread from fellow community member, Mark Sheperd, might be helpful.

Holly Greene


I found a few Storyline 360 templates that I'd like to use yet I need to edit the colors in the Master Slide to represent a client's approved colors.  

I have tried making these changes  yet I'd be interested in knowing how you would approach making this issue.  My approach seems haphazard. :)  

Thank you!


Allison LaMotte

Hi Holly,
The easiest way to update the colors is by creating your own theme colors and then selecting them. The Content Library 360 templates are built using this feature, so once you select the new theme colors, the templates will be automatically updated to match the colors you've chosen.

If you've never worked with theme colors, check out this tutorial for more info. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.