Changing State of page visited when clicking on previous/back, Hide Layer

Jul 23, 2018

I am having issues with buttons and changing the state of a page already visited.

I have attached an example of the template that I have created.

I have created a menu in one layer and the back and next buttons on another layer. 

When the menu is not hidden and is open in one page and the user clicks on the next button to go to the next page and then clicks on the back button to go back to the previous page the menu remains open rather than being hidden since it overlaps the content in the page. 

I hope this makes sense. 

The previous button when clicked goes to the previous page, but I want a state that either hides the menu layer or shows the state of the page with the menu layer closed.


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Heather Scovill


I'm not sure if you have tried this yet, but you can change layer "revisiting properties" by right clicking on the layers. I would try changing the revisiting property to "Reset to initial state". Not sure if this will work for what you are doing. It is hard for me to visualize this problem without seeing the menu overlapping. 

Qasem Parvez

Hi Wes, thank you for your reply, if you have a look at the story file uploaded, if you leave the menu open and then go to the next page, when you click on the back button to return to the previous page you will see that the menu remains open. I want it to close when clicking on the back button, but will try what you have suggested above.

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