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Oct 18, 2017


I was wondering if anyone could help me set-up my check box quiz. 

I've created a page which has 28 check-boxes (but only 20 will have to be selected) on the page and the user would have to check the correct box from the feature panel on the left (screenshot attached) 

How would I go about in setting this up? I can't see any triggers which would assist me in setting this up. Is there a method to doing this?

The outcome should be that the user would have to select the check-boxes they think is correct, once they finish checking the boxes and clicking next a pop-up would appear saying if they got all of them correct and not. Something like *Congrats you got 20/20 correct and same goes if they made mistakes. But they wouldn't have to do it again.

*A bonus would that it would reveal the answers by highlighting the box green, but I believe this will be more complicated.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sebastian,

The easiest way would be to just insert your checkboxes and then click on the "convert to freeform" button. This will allow you to convert your slide into a quiz and select correct/incorrect answers. It will also set up feedback layers for you automatically, which you can then modify to fit your needs. Here's a tutorial to get you started with freeform interactions. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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