Client has no intranet, what are their options?

I've been asked by a new client to help them transition their new employee orientation to an online format and they like the samples they've seen using Articulate, but they have no intranet to host this course. I'm meeting with them tomorrow and looking for some alternatives to share. I'm not sure what kind of internal capability or interest they have in managing anything too complicated, but want to give them options. I'm thinking that it will range from straightforward (page on their website) to create a site (wordpress) for this course and possibly more to come/other uses.

Do you have any suggestions? Any and all input is welcome!


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Brian Houle

Hi, Holly:

Don't forget that Articulate can output to a CD-ROM.  I know it's very 1990s, but it could be a viable option for some clients, especially since there doesn't seem to be an LMS involved.  A CD-ROM course has obvious disadvantages, but for a small outfit with limited revision needs, management doesn't get easier than the training contact keeping the CD-ROM course on the shelf.

Colin Eagles

Marta Burda said:

You can always put some content on dropbox. Works fine if you don't have to track the results. 

I'll second dropbox.

And as for tracking the results; I've been messing around with Google Docs -> Forms.  I embedded the form into the last page of  my latest course and it allows me to collect results.  It's not a super elegant workaround, but it's free (which was important for the client) and got me some results.