Combining SME Videos with Slides/Graphics into 1 panel - Is this possible in Storyline?

Nov 07, 2014

Hi, I'm exploring how to create a certain type of video and if Storyline has this functionality.  What I'd like to do is, within one panel/screen,  include both a video of a SME presenting on one side and also slides or graphics on the other side of the panel.  I ran across Knovio, which is an app that does this, but if I'm able to do this in Storyline, I'd prefer to do so.

If anyone has had experience doing this, I'd appreciate your opinions and thoughts.  Thanks!

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Nicole Legault

Hey Barbie!

Thanks for posting your question. If I understand correctly, you would like to display 2 videos on one slide: one video of a SME presenting, and one video displaying a screen which shows content slides.

You could definitely do this using Storyline. You use the recording tools within Storyline to record two separate videos, and you can show both videos on one slide, either side-by-side, or as picture-in-picture. You can resize the videos to be any dimensions you want and lay them out wherever you like on the slide. 

You can have one video of the SME presenting, recorded with the Web Cam Recording feature. You can also do a screen recording showing the slides using the Screen Recording tool in Storyline. 

Another option you might consider is using Articulate Replay. It's a screen recording application and lets you record both Webcam and your desktop at the same time. If you don't have Replay right now you can get a free 30 day trial and try it for this project, and here are a few tutorials

Hope this helps a bit!

Barbie Pardee

Hi, Nicole,

Your reply helps a ton. Thank you so much for explaining the details and options available for "multi-video in one"-type courses. I truly appreciate your help!

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