Help Putting video on side panel inspired by Stephanie and David

May 04, 2011

This is a two part question. I'm trying to use the model Stephanie and David introduced several months ago for putting a video in the side panel. (Stephanie's was the program on Motivating).

First question: Stephanie had an 'ask' button in her demo that caused the video on the side panel to open and play.  I can't figure out how to create the link for the 'ask' button.  If I link to 'next slide' that's where the program goes, not to the side panel.  What do I use to open the side-panel video if I want it cued by the user?

Second question: I am having trouble with the flv video showing up on the side panel.  It  opens correctly if put on a separate slide, and opens correctly if the option for a new window is selected. But when I select open in the side panel, the little image is placed in the upper left of the slide, but when I publish, the side panel does not have the video.  What am I not doing?

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Brian Batt

Hi Sonnie,

In regards to your first question, I would use a "next slide" link.  Then, in the next slide, have the video inserted into the presenter panel.

In regards to your second question, if you insert the same FLV movie into the Presenter Panel for back-to-back slides and also set these slides to advance “Automatically when movie finishes,” you may find that the first of these slides plays properly, the second slide gets skipped, the third slide plays properly, the fourth slide gets skipped, etc.

Please review the following article for more information and solutions:

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