Some content different for different learners - put it on the same slide or a different slide?

Jun 02, 2016


I have a course with some content that is different for different learners. The issues:

  • 95% of the course is the same for both groups.
  • A single learner often belongs to both groups so needs to see 100% of the info. But there are some learners that are in either one group or the other.
  • The differences are usually quite small. For example: one group keeps records for 2 years, the other 5 years.

The question:

Should the different content be broken into their own slides (or even different sections) or should all the different content remain on the same slide?

My concern with having all the info on one slide is that it will be easy for learners to mix up the information. 

Any suggestions welcome.

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Marti Stemm

I often have to put items on different slides in different sections,  and have the user select a "button" taking them to the option that is correct for them...  This can be accomplished so that you actually have a slide continuing on to the follow-up content. I would use scenes for this.  It is easy to duplicate slides and put them in multiple scenes to accomplish this without having to reinvent the wheel. When they are finished with their selected option the (each scene) can be linked back to the regular content.


Steve VE

Thanks Marti and Ben. I think I might be miscommunicating the issue. Let me have another go:

I'm curious to know what people think would work better from a cognitive standpoint, not a technical one. Presenting the similar info on a single slide seems to be a recipe for confusion as the learner may have more difficulty separating the ideas if both roles are presented together:

  • Slide 1 - Group A, follow driving regulation ABC. Group B, follow driving regulation 123.

If they are presented on different slides then it would seem, to me, at least, that they would be more able to separate the content in their minds as they would be concentrating on content for one specific role:

  • Slide 1 - Driving regulations for Group A

  • Slide 2 - Driving regulations for Group B

Again, one slide could follow the other or in another section specific to that group.

Hope that makes sense.

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