Comparative information - how to present in e-learning?

Feb 19, 2013

Hi All,

I have been handed 165 PPT slides from my SME to convert to e-learning. The topic is "Preparing a compliation file". In one section there is a comparison titled "Key differences between audit, review and compilation engagements". There are 8 areas of comparison and this information has been presented in a table format which. needless to say, is a bit cumbersome to read through not to mention to try and create audio for.

Has anyone had experience presenting comparative information in Storyline or Studio? (I'm using Storyline but can always convert). I'd like to make this more interesting and interactive if at all possible.

I've left and come back to these 2 slides a number of times and seem to have a bit of a mental block!



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Tim Slade

Hi Jan,

Your topic sounds interesting (and confusing)...

I think it's important that you keep it interactive. I think if you are presenting a lot of comparative/contrasting information, the learner will want to be able to click between each of the topics multiple time to view the similarities/differences. You could do a simple tabbed interaction (one tab for each of your topics: audit, review and compliation engagments) and present the information for each. This allows the learner to see each individual item, but also, click between them to see the differences.

It really depends on how much information you need to present for each item. If you are able to keep the content short ans sweet, this may be a good option.  

Good luck! Tim

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