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Jun 06, 2020

Hi guys

For the past 12 months I have been progressing my skills in Storyline and Rise 360 but one area that I want to get more experience in is working from a storyboard that has been drafted by another instructional designer. 

Im wondering if anyone is willing to share any completed storyboards With me, which I can then work from to improve. I’m also keen to figure out how long a build takes me when working with other people’s initial material. 

I'm happy to work from Storyline and Rise 360 storyboards.

Any support would be much appreciated.


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Karl Muller

Hi Luke, kudos for wanting to improve your skills. From my experience working from a variety of storyboards, it can certainly be challenging.

I have a pile of old storyboards, but like most people I'm unable to share them due to confidentiality reasons.

That being said, each ID has their own storyboard style, layout, and method of documenting things. I have worked with many variations of storyboard over the years. It can take quite a while for the developer to get accustomed to each specific storyboard, and get into the flow.

Understanding the page layout is usually not that difficult, but some people do not do a great job documenting interactions. Typically that is where the wheels fall off, and you have to go back and ask the designer questions about things that were not documented. Or explain why it's not possible to build an interaction. 

Sorry that I'm not able to share any storyboards with you.

Luke Goodwin

Hi Karl

Thanks very much for the feedback. I think hearing that this can be a general challenge when developing has made me feel more confident. I am also confident in gatherOMG further info where necessary if things are unclear and knowing that this is likely to be a requirement again gives me confidence.  

Many thanks


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