Compliance Certification Tools?

Nov 26, 2012

Hello Everyone-

Our learning group has been asked for the same type of online training recently - essentially Compliance and other business units need to track that employees have read specific policies by launching the policy link and then clicking a button to certify that they have read and understood the policy. 

I've used Storyline for these past requests which has been super easy for me to use.  However, as the requests build up (and I'm the only developer on our team) it's been suggested that we find a tool that is low cost and that the business units and compliance can adminster without our assistance.  Other than Storyline (which is my favorite tool ever!) what would you recommend?  The tool would be used by subject matter experts and then would be loaded into our LMS for deployment and tracking.

Any ideas and thoughts would be great!


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Jeffrey Riley


I was on a committee several years ago with this same issue and the group selected Articulate as the tool. You could also go with PowerPoint since everyone has access to that program. I think you are going to find that whatever tool you use, you may end up teaching people how to use it effectively and/or redoing the work. Subject Matter Experts may know their subjects, but they are not designers and developers and they often don't know how to teach what they do.

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