Happy but frustrated

Feb 04, 2020

So I am happy that Articulate has released new Rise features today.  Closed captioning of videos is definitely a move in the right direction.  And I am sure the templates will be a welcome feature for some end users.  These seem to be geared more toward business users, but those of us in education field are left out here.

However, with the continued requests for features for Rise, it seems like Articulate continues to ignore our repeated requests.  I am hoping that 2020 will bring more robust features such as copying and pasting/duplicating questions, images and audio in flashcards/sorting blocks, the ability to add images and audio inside of accordions/tabs interactions, a viable feature for audio narration inside of Rise, and the list goes on.  I have submitted multiple feature requests for these items, and some of these have been since late 2017.  I also know that these same requests have been made by the community over and over again.  

It would be nice to know the direction this tool is headed so that I can more properly plan my elearning content/products for 2020-21.  

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Karl Muller

I agree Anthony.

Rise users range from being brand new, to professionals with many years of experience.

Looking at the new features being rolled out, they seem to be targeted primarily at new users, and those users that want to develop courses very quickly.

None of the new features are intended for professional education and training developers that require higher end capabilities. We use a very robust instructional design methodology, so the new course templates announced today have zero value to us, although I'm sure many people will find them valuable,

In our organization we are looking for features in Rise (some of which you have mentioned) that will allow us to take our courses to the next level, and also increase our productivity.

Yes, I know that the standard answer is that where Rise falls short, we can use Storyline.

Rise and Storyline have completely different design and use philosophies, and we try to avoid using Storyline as much as we can. We would much rather do all of our development in one tool: Rise. 

It would be refreshing to see Articulate pay more attention to those features and functions often requested by the community.


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