Search Function needed in RISE main menu

Sep 03, 2020

I just submitted the following feature requests. Posting here as well to get community engagement. Say something if you think these things are useful. Also submit a feature request if you REALLY think they are useful.

Here's where you can submit requests.

From Feature Request # 0242697102426971.

RISE main menu requests:

- The main menu for all courses needs to have a few more search features.

      * Allow me to filter between My Courses and Team Courses

      * Give us a search tool for titles, keywords, author, date, etc.

- We need the ability to version or archive courses better. Our current workaround is to duplicate the course, and then add a date to the title of the duplicate and never touch it again.

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Brenda Stutsky

From the development side - Review 360 has a search, but Rise does not. Getting harder to easily find courses without a search tool. Have put courses into folders, but a search would help.

And when working in a course in a folder, would be nice if when closing the course, you are directed to that same folder you were working in instead of "All Courses."

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