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May 31, 2016

Hi, I want to set up a multiple choice exam, with 30 questions to be taken by the user once he/she has completed a course.

I have set up a question bank,from which to draw questions.

I'm aware that you can randomise the questions so that they don't appear  in the same order, but what I need to do is have question themes, from which questions can be drawn. So far example , a subset containing questions on topic X, from which you can draw selected questions, and then say another subset on topic Y, from which I would also need to draw questions.

Is this possible ?

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Altan Ahmet

Hi Wendy

I don't know if you can help me on this subject again ?

I've copied and expanded  this file that you gave me and I inserted in to my course. It worked initially but as I've made later versions of the course I noticed it no longer calculates the score or displays the passing score ?

I also noticed that the conditions for the slide trigger for success and failure don't save.

So I created number variables for Results.ScorePercent, Results.ScorePoints, Results.PassPercent and Results.PassPoints. Though I noticed that these aren't saving ?

What am I doing wrong Wendy ?

Altan Ahmet

Oh right, silly me. I've worked around it by using an earlier version of my work. I must have messed up the slides on the latest draft in some way to stop it working. Initially I cut and pasted the results slide in to the latest version, but the number variables weren't there of course, so that's why it wouldn't work.


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