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Gerry Wasiluk

Amen.  :)

I've already sent this in as a feature request but I wish SL had a scene builder much like Vyond has with its character--easily pick a background, characters, and objects/tools (e.g., a table, phone, whiteboard, etc.) and quickly build the scene that you need in just a few minutes.  Have this for both illustrated and photographic characters.

That'd be HUGE, IMVHO.

Try building a scene now with, say, a bunch of photographic characters around a table having a meeting, some with laptops or tablets recording things.

Takes a whole lot of time now and with assets from probably multiple sources.  And for some objects you may need to make the backgrounds transparent.  Lots of time and effort.

There's a big opportunity here.  :)

Ulises Musseb

I echo Gerry Wasiluk. Sometimes we have to spend a little more to be on point with industry specific needs. The Elearning Brothers characters are a great investment. They also have them in video form, which, properly used, adds to learner engagement. Additionally, they are quite diverse in terms of race, age and body types (something not too easy to come across).

I found open source characters, but they are limited. I used them in some of my courses and they worked well.