Course plays fine in LMS - Will not play as a zip file on local drive. Please help!!!

Oct 21, 2016


I am in desperate need of assistance and request help from anyone who may have encountered the following:

We are deploying a systemwide training to our employees and some of it will be through the LMS, others will be reviewing in large groups through a different method. 

Unfortunately, not all team leaders have access to the LMS so they are pre-viewing the file through the zip option to their desktops. 

Previous versions of the file had played through this method but our most recent version plays only sound, no picture. 

It is a time sensitive issue as we are set to deploy next week so any help I can receive in a timely fashion will be much appreciated. 

So my questions are:

1) How do I fix it - setting in Storyline, the way I save it, computer desktop setting, etc.?

2) How do I ensure that it doesn't happen going forward?

3) In your organizations, have you found a better way to deliver content when dealing with mixed users - online and not online? If so, please share. 


Thank you very kindly,

Fonya Spielman 


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