Course Translation & Replacing Audio

Sep 06, 2021

I am working on translating a course to another language (English to Korean). The client has provided me audio files (Korean) with the same name as it is named in SCORM zip of the English version. I am not sure how do I figure out the audio file in the .story file. As in SCORM zip, the audio file name is completely different from the audio file name in the .story file. I was earlier thinking of just replacing the audio files in the SCORM zip but later I realized that these audio files will not be changed in the .story file. Is there any way to figure out which audio file in the SCORM zip is for which slide?

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Justin Collinge

Hi Rachna,

I've just had to do something similar (English to Thai). I don't speak a word of Thai so was entirely unable to know how well it fitted together. I didn't find a simple solution, instead I found someone who was fluent in both languages through People Per Hour, & went online & shared my screen so she could put the right files in the right places while also checking through all of the text the client had provided.

It took a few hours but we ended up with a brilliant product.

Good luck!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Rachna,

Unfortunately I don't see any way to do this automatically since, as you said, the names of the files are different in Storyilne and in the published output. Looks like you'll need to enlist someone who speaks the language to help you as Justin suggested.

For future projects, I would have a look at these tips to avoid this problem: 4 Tips for Optimizing the Translation of Your Storyline 360 Courses.

I hope that helps!