CPE Accreditation for E-learning modules

May 19, 2014

Hello everyone!

I am starting to hear more and more about CPE accreditation while building e-learning courses and had these questions:

1. Has anyone built any e-learning for CPE accredited programmes?

2. What are the "must-meet" criteria while building a CPE E-learning?

3. Is there a checklist / handy resource to use to ensure the my E-learning meets all CPE requirements?

Many thanks for all your help, as always


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Sij. Thanks for posting your question!

I've developed many modules that were designed for CPE credits. In my experience the requirements for the CPE vary by industry. For instance, some of the modules I created were for the pharmaceutical industry so their CPE standards were guided by a combination of government regulations and industry best practices. Other CPE modules I've built have been for for the financial services industry (for CPAs) and those have had entirely different requirements.

Have you checked with the accrediting body for your industry? Generally they're the ones providing the "must meet" content criteria that you'd need to focus on in your e-learning. That same accrediting body probably also has a checklist of e-learning requirements you need to fulfill—including things like the number of questions, length or timing of the module, etc.

Here's an example from an accrediting body that dictates CPE requirements for accountants.

I'm sorry I can't provide you with more specifics, but I hope this information gets you pointed in the right direction.

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