Creating a course that allows 2 user paths

Hello Articulate community:

I am in the process of building a sexual harassment course for our organization. We want to allow manager and team members to have a slightly different path within the course...what's the best way to do this and how can I ensure that ONLY managers would click the manager pathway? Is there a way to provide a password protected entry?

Any advice would be much appreciated! Also open to seeing other examples.

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Christy Tucker

For restricted access by role, the best way is to create two separate courses and then manage it through your LMS. Nothing you do within Storyline is going to be as secure as what you can do within your LMS.

You can set it up with separate pathways and let people choose. I did that for a course last year where I had core content that was mostly the same for everyone, with a few changes depending on the program they were in. At the beginning, I set up a question with options for selecting the program. That set the value of the variable Program to one of 4 options.

Then, when I needed to show different slides or different layers, I changed the options so it continued to the correct slide depending on the value of the Program variable. You can see an example in the attachment. With only two options, yours would be simpler than this was with 4 options. The concept is the same though.

While you could set it up with a text entry as a password at the beginning, that won't be a particularly secure option. It would be pretty easy for the managers to share that password, or for someone to find it out.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Lauren! You mentioned wanting to see examples. I just wanted to chime in and share this course template with two learning paths. Keep in mind, this template allows the learner to freely choose their role. If that's a big worry, Christy Tucker gave some awesome advice on different ways to approach what you're looking for.