Creating a Culture Awareness online training from an ILT

Feb 28, 2014

Hello, awesome eLearning community!

I'm looking for advice, suggestions, links to cool resources: I'm tasked with taking a really great instructor led training and turning it into an online training. Subject: Korean Culture, Target Audience: entire site here in Austin. So, a mix of engineers, technicians, admin staff, managers, and above. We work with Korean expats and the goal is to "evoke sympathy" for how they approach work differently than we do. How we can work a little better together. I've negotiated that this isn't to be a cultural gap filler because that'd be impossible in an online training.

But, the instructor has fantastic stories that are impacting because of how he tells them. I'm currently transcribing the 4 hour class. Hoping to see which stories would stand alone in audio (video doesn't stream well due to our security layers on our network) and still have some impact. I realize it won't be as impactful as the ILT, but it will be something. Where currently, we have no online training on culture.

I'm using Adobe Captivate. Has anyone done something like this? Any ideas or suggestions? I have a tight time frame to have this rolled out by 4/1. And, I'm the only eLearning person on site (haha).

Thoughts very, very welcome!!!!

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Melissa Stroup


Thank you so much for reaching out to me! Yes, it's a tall order for sure I've negotiated it down to taking the stories from the ILT that stand alone well and would be good in an eLearning. I'm transcribing the video from the ILT so I can create close captioning for the audio in the eLearning.

But, I'm interested in what you are saying about the SCORM? I publish to our LMS daily using SCORM. Is there a way to do video so that it may stream more "lightly" in our system? Right now, I insert slide videos into Captivate and publish, but for some reason with our level of security layers on our network, it times out. I've been doing this role a little over a year and my go to people left. So, I'm really trying to figure out who can devote some time in our IT group to help me work through this issue. We really should be able to have video in our eLearning. LOL.

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