Creating a Department-Specific Course Catalog

Apr 08, 2022

Hello everyone!
What is your organization or your clients (if you are a freelancer) doing when building course catalogs? I am currently building a SharePoint page for one of my clients, and they asked me to add a course catalog. I am looking for ideas on what to add or what a course catalog "should" contain.

They have an LMS where associates can look through their hundreds of courses to find a specific one. However, this SharePoint page and catalog would highlight the courses specific to their finance department and make it way easier for people to browse the finance dept's courses.

With that said, what has been your experience? What did you include (or what would you include)? Was it a simple list of course titles? Did you add course descriptions, list the learning objectives, a course demo, course-related references, link them to the LMS, etc.?

Thanks for helping me brainstorm!

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Judy Nollet

I once helped a client with that sort of course catalog. Here's a general description: 

  • Courses were grouped by topic/category. For example, there were separate topics for courses about the 2 special software packages they used. 
  • The list of topics was at the top of the page. Each topic name linked to that section of the catalog. 
  • The list of courses included the title (listed alphabetically within each topic), course ID, and a link to the course in the LMS. A very short description would appear when hovering over the title. 
  • The list also linked to individual course pages, where more information was available. Course pages included the following:
    • a longer description of the course
    • the objectives
    • the languages the course was available in
    • links to related resources 
    • list of related courses, with links to those course pages
    • link to the course in the LMS

There was no "course demo." But each course page did include a screenshot from the course.