Creating a trigger to highlight the Quiz based on button states?

Jul 11, 2014


I have a course menu and the five topic buttons get checked (visited) using a variable on the last screen of the visited topic. There is a button for the Quiz on the main menu that also gets a check mark when the student has completed the quiz. However, our client is wondering if :

1) when all the topics are checked, the glow behind the Quiz button can change from blue to red to get the student's attention (Hey you, you're not finished until you take the Quiz!) The students are doctors who are attention-challenged.

2) a prompt can also appear that says "Click here" with a Kuhl arrow. This second one might be overkill but my client says it's needed.

So, I guess this is a variable that says "if all the topics are checked/visited" then the Quiz button changes its state to X and the glow is red".) What kind of variable would tell a prompt (text box with a Kuhl arrow) to appear with the red glow? Thanks for any ideas!

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Tim Slade

Hi Lisa,

You sure can do this. You'll have to create a custom red glow state for the quiz button, and then set a trigger to change the state of the quiz button to the new state when each of the topic variables are true/visited. I hope that makes sense.

As for the directional "click here" text. I would put that on your slide, and under the states panel set it to have an initial state of hidden. Then create a trigger to change the state of the text to normal when each of the topic variables are true/visited.

Let me know if that makes sense or if you have more questions! The nice thing about this, is that you already have all of the variables to do this. All you need to do is create the triggers to make it happen.


Lisa Ferris

Thanks to both of you for your very helpful responses! I'm very close to getting it to work except for one pesky thing. The quiz button (just like the topic buttons) has a blue glow for a simple hover. It has a new state called MustComplete with a red glow. Right now, when the 5 topic buttons are checked, and I hover over the quiz button I get the blue glow and then hover again to get the red glow. It goes back and forth between the blue and red glow. How do I tell the Quiz button to not use the hover blue glow when the 5 menu buttons are checked (per the Must Complete variable)?

Attached is a screenshot if you need a visual...

Thanks very much!

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