Creating eLearning for eCommerce


Need a little guidance. Has anyone created online courses/curriculum for eCommerce with the following criteria:

- Training program offered by an organization to outside learners (not internal staff)

- External learners include: other organizations or individuals

- The training is used to start their own programs

My questions are:

- Are there any industry standards regarding displaying logo/org colors for eCommerce?

- Does the organization who developed the training, needs to have their logo shown (for instance in Articulate) or just noted as a copyright? 

Any other suggestions that I haven't thought of would be greatly appreciated........V 

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Simon Perkins

Do you mean 'ecommerce' as in that's the topic covered in the course(s) or are you talking about creating something for resale?  If the latter, then I know of no standards regarding logos, colours or copyrighting.  Naturally the latter (along with IPR etc) is something you need to consider in more detail.

Simon Perkins

IP/IPR = Intellectual Property Rights, i.e. who owns the material and how it can be distributed/resold etc.  If you're working with SMEs to build courses then you need to discuss who owns that expertise/information.  If you're creating them yourself (with you being the expert) then it's pretty much up to you.  It's still good practice to be aware of any other areas of copyright you might be touching upon, e.g. referencing/embedding third-party material, YouTube videos etc - and pursue the right avenue with those (if nor legally, then morally).

It's totally up to you what you do with logos, colouring etc.  

V Fuks

Thanks again, Simon.

The SME's have created a certification program that is presented as a classroom training, so most of the content and job aids have been created by them already, in conjuction with a collage. Some content I will edit with the SME for better elearning, but otherwise, only images and videos would need licensing/approval.

Is there anything else I should consider?


Simon Perkins

You need to be cautious with third party images, e.g. downloaded from online libraries (iStock etc) or on more open platforms (blogs, wikis etc).  Licensing costs for the former can easily add up to £250+ per image if they're being resold over and over and/or if the course is hosted on multiple domains.  A course with even just 10 images could go from costing £50 to £2500+.  Be sure to check all licensing options especially as most of these providers don't IME yet understand the concept of elearning delivery.  If grabbing from blogs and other sites then seek permission first.  

Good luck