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Hi everyone!

My client wants to start using more videos instead of elearning for how-to videos on their software. Which I love and get the usefulness...problem I see is that instead of a dedicated training environment we are in a sandbox so people are constantly in and out making changes so they may load documents to the library the client does not want there, these clients tend to be super picky about the examples, etc. How do you manage that? We have storyboards but many times we provide a word storyboard the client does not understand how to read it (even after walking them through it). We also work with an outside narrator so I would have to have the audio done before I could record to ensure the timing is correct. Maybe I need to stress the importance of knowledge transfers, setting client expectations, and strong writing. Any help on how you manage this would be helpful! Thanks!!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Vanessa!

Instead of using a storyboard, why not go with a prototype? For the audio, you can use Text-to-Speech until it's been approved. Here are a couple articles that you may find helpful:

I hope that's helpful! :)