'Daily Rate'

Feb 21, 2014

So, my question is how long do you work for on your 'daily rate'? Do you set yourself a typical work day time slot and therefore this becomes the daily rate charge?

For example I currently work 8 hours a day, if I was paid a daily rate from my freelance work would this then mean the employer expects a certain number of hours to be completed?

Does this change depending on who you are currently doing work for? Or is there a standard amount of time that a 'daily rate' refers to.

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Phil Mayor

If I am working on a day rate, my Day rate is 8 hours, I typically work 12 hour days so will work 8 hours for 1 client and then another 4 for another.

Generally a client will have a project that they want completing, and you would charge as many days as it take to complete that.

As far as the rate I charge it varies I have a range of charges, I will not work below my minimum fee.  But I am also prepared to take on fixed fees for a project if the client would prefer that (the scope is predetermined).

I much prefer working an hourly rate, as i can be more flexible.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Yep, I have some standard rates. A training day (8hrs) would cost € XX, my hourly rate as a consultant is set and I've got a development rate.

The tough part starting out was figuring out a rate. In the end I looked at what was common in the market around me and compared that with my own skills. I might not be the cheapest but clients will sure get their moneys worth... And then some

Ashley Chiasson

+1 Jeff - The hardest part was definitely figuring out a rate, but I think I charge a fair rate for the services I provide. That being said, I tend to operate on an hourly rate, but will do daily rates (at 8 hours a day - which I spend 8 hours/day on the client's work) or fixed prices depending on the client's preferences and whether the preferences equate to fair compensation.

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