Rate Sheets and Giving Blanket Quotes

OK, this may be a dicey question to ask all of you and some of you may wonder why I'm asking, but I was asked if I had a rate sheet today.

For doing video editing, yes, I have a flat rate. For on-site work, yes, I have a daily rate. For WordPress site development and hosting, yes I have a flat rate unless something like e-commerce is part of the plan.

So, do you, dear Articulate developers, instructional designers, e-learning makers, have a rate sheet? Does it not depend on a number of factors before you give your rate? What are your thoughts? If you have a rate sheet, can you share the link to it?

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Christy Tucker

I don't have one. As you said, it depends on a lot of different factors. I have a spreadsheet that I use for myself with basic ratios for developing different kinds of elearning. I use those ratios to create estimates, but I adjust up or down depending on the project.

However, there are some calculators out there that some companies use to automate that process of figuring out all the factors. If you want to give people something where they can figure it out themselves before contacting you, I would go that route. For example, this IconLogic one estimates the time for development. You could make something similar with the time * hourly rate to give people a cost.


A search for "elearning development calculators" or similar terms should lead you to some other results.