Deciding Internal v. External Training

Mar 26, 2018

Hi Community!

My company is finally beginning to actualize an organizational training model for internal training. Normally, employees use a stipend for their own professional development, but we'd like to start producing resources internally. Is there a certain model that you all adhere to within your respective companies for deciding whether the training should be an internal resource v. an external one? I would love to know, as it will help improve our model.



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Bob S

Hi Andrew,

First... Good for you. Not all organizations get to that level and it's great that you are headed down that path.

As for suggestions... 

1) The first "dividing line" that is often considered is if their is a governing body certification/accredidation involved. If so, it may be counterproductive to take on training for those areas (if even possible). 

For example, say your CPA's in Finance  need periodic re-certification. There is typically some specific non-negotiable coursework involved with such things. That's typically not practical for most organizations to bring such coursework in house. However.... If you are a huge CPA Firm then it might be!

2) Next, it's often great to think about organizational "pain points". Where is it your efforts can make the biggest difference?  (Yes, even for developmental training this can be a key consideration)

For example, if senior leaders have shared that re-organization will be the watchword for the next 3 years, perhaps Change Leadership and Personal Resiliency developmental topics may be worth bringing in house as you can leverage that across large swaths of the population.

3) Of course, you have to also look at "effort vs effectiveness" involved - even balanced against the first two considerations.

For example, Maybe you are sorely lacking in a defined shared Leadership Model/Philosophy and there is no outside accreditation required. You may still not want to bring the production of such training in house. Buying an established leadership program may be as/more effective, better ROI and shorter deployment timeline.

Work your way through the considerations above and you start to create a short-list of developmental topics/courses for in-house production.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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